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RGB LED Pool Light 27W

Code: HG-P56-30W-C (27W Cree LED)
Color: RGB; Công suất::26±2W

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Color LED Pool Light: HG-P56-30W-C (27W CREE LED)

The HG-P56-30W-C (27X1W CREE LED) water light is designed to create a flair for the pool area as well as give you a unique experience while swimming in the evening. The creative combination of light, music and color gives you a great feeling of enjoyment and moreover is a state of emotional uplift. In addition, this product also satisfies the user by integrating modern technology to achieve maximum durability with the lowest power consumption when operating pool daily.

Warranty: 2 years


Code: HG-P56-30W-C (27X1W CREE LED)
Color: RGB
Cable Connection: 5/4/2 wires
Body Material: 316 stainless steel
Size: 177mmD x 105mmH
Number of LED: 27
Input Voltage: AC/DC 12V
Watts Used: 26±2 W
Power Consumption: 1.97A
Lumens per Watt: 75.42 lm/w
Max Lumens: 2,050.40 lm
Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40°
Application: In fresh and salt waterBeam Angle: 30°/45°/60°
IP Rating: IP.68
Useful LED Life: 50,000 hrs average



Brochure: Brochure HG-P56-35W-C (30W Cree COB LED)

Installation: Manual Guide Swimming pool

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