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Hotline: 84-918 099 856


The RP


Material: Brass

Height: 22.9 cm – 27.9 cm

When power and control are demanded from a subterranean fixture, there is not a more versatile product than the RP. It can be configured to wall wash from tight spaces with a spread beam or provide a long narrow projection of light for a tall palm…even after installation. There is a whole family of accessories to allow the lighting designer to shape, color, and control the glare of light for maximum effect.

Warranty: 2 years

For more information, please download brochure attached.

Specifications chart

Lamp MR-16
Material Brass
Diameter 6.8″ / 17.2 cm
Height 9.0″ – 9.3″ – 11.0″ / 22.9 cm – 23.6 cm – 27.9 cm


Download Documents

Brochure the RP: RP Brochure

Installation the RP : RP Installation Guide


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Price list: The RP